Are you interested in the web design and development technology field?

Can you write intelligent articles on some of the topics discussed on this blog?

Are you looking for some link exposure to your own website? Or maybe you want to showcase your writing talent?

It’s a very simple process to get writing for Website Style / Beyond Caffeine.

Step 1: Write about something covered by the categories shown in the site (if you have an idea not in the categories – let me know, but they should be sufficient).

Step 2: Submit your article! There are several things you should do here, so follow the section parts:

Step 2 – Part A: Paste your finished article (please use spellcheck!) into the contact form. NOTE: You can send by direct email if you prefer. My email to send to is Nicole [AT] WebsiteStyle [DOT] com. I prefer documents in plain rich text, Word format, or OpenOffice Writer document formats.

Step 2 – Part B: If you are using images in your article, please upload them somewhere (like ImageShack or similar) and provide the links (also note in your article where the pictures should go). NOTE: If you are sending via email, then you can embed the images in a text document instead.

Step 2 – Part C: If you want credit for the article (And I’m sure you do! Link backs are a good thing.) then please provide your name, url, and a mini-bio (about one or two lines). That will be placed at the end of the article and you will be given full author credit.

Step 3 – Send it off to me! I’ll make sure I verify receiving it and will let you know when it has been published.

I look forward to some great submissions!


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