My name is Nicole Hernandez, and I’m a American living in San Antonio, Texas, USA. I find a variety of topics interesting, but my primary focus is typically on new technology (web technology specifically).


I have worn several ‘hats’ within the technology world. I began my technology career as a programmer specialized in Windows based programming, and using the Visual Basic language as my primary language for coding. Within a short period of time programming and interfacing regularly with databases, I discovered a fascination with those databases, and improving speed and efficiency within existing ones. I then worked to make databases my specialty, and began consulting exclusively as a database architect. My primary contracts at the time involved working on MSSQL and Access databases, but I never passed up the chance to work on an Oracle or MySQL structure. I spent approximately 5 years in those general fields.

In much the same way as I was introduced to my love for databases, I found myself interfacing with web applications more and more. This lead me to realizing a greater need for an understanding of the way the web was changing, and I took a plunge toward working with a web focus. The web is where I have been working exclusively for over 12 years. My specialty within the web is in developing with a focus on Web Standards and Accessibility.

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The Blog

In 2004, I began to keep a technology blog. Initially I hosted this blog on Blogger. Due to some continued frustration with the poor coding of scripts inserted automatically by Blogger, I was unable to make my blog validate as Strict XHTML 1.0. As someone who writes about web standards, I felt it was quite hypocritical to continue to keep my blog on a host that would not make the changes needed to allow a blog to validate entirely (no matter how many emails I sent begging for it). Thus, I began a comparing different blogging software to see what I might want to use.

Early in 2006, a friend offered to host my blog on his server and already installed WordPress. This blog was successfully migrated to a WordPress 2.0 system shortly after, and currently my blog pages validate to XHTML 1.0, and all of the formatting is done using CSS. I’m quite happy with it overall.

In order to experience the most functionality with this blog, you should use a modern web browser (Firefox, Opera, or Safari) with Javascript enabled to view it. However, due to the proper CSS design and XHTML coding of this blog, you should be able to view this site from a variety of different internet browsing devices (PDA’s, braille screen readers, text-to-voice software, etc…) as well as other browsers (such as Internet Explorer).

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