IMVU – The next step in chat?

When I heard about the new IMVU I had to wonder if this was the next step in chat. At this point, my money is on that answer being a yes. Essentially, IMVU is this (here’s a quote from their site):

IMVU is the world’s greatest 3D instant messenger! IMVU allows you to chat using a character called an avatar in 3D scenes. With thousands upon thousands of cool products to choose from in the catalog, it is easy to look exactly the way you want. So go ahead and try on those shoes or change your skin color…the sky is the limit!

Yes, it’s like combining the ‘live’ avatar of a MMORPG and online chat (if you don’t know what I mean by that, see the screenshot below).
Showing avatar visual chat.
Now, if combining the MMORPG style avatars and online chat wasn’t scary enough… now factor in a personal site ala MySpace style to the mix.

Every IMVU user gets a free, easy to customize homepage. You can drag panels anywhere on the page, change colors, add images, send and receieve messages and gifts, upload images, write a blog, see who visited your page, see who is online, see your rankings and even show off your music. IMVU homepages are the easiest to use homepages on the web!

But wait! I’m not done with the comparisons yet. So now we have MMOPRG avatars, online chat, MySpace, and now… let’s put it all together with the spin of the popular MMORPG item ‘purchase’ option. The excessively popular concept of buying things for your online avatar to wear, places for them to live, etc… is integrated automatically within what IMVU calls their ‘catalog’. The catalog concept actually goes off into several levels. Let’s imagine you want to gear your ‘avatar’ up with new virtual shoes. Okay, so you need to buy that item from the catalog with credits. You can pay real cash money for credits (convert rate is $1 = 1000 credits), or you can earn credits. All new accounts are starting with 1000 free credits, and they give you 50 more after your first 3D chat. Now, 1000 credits isn’t alot in the catalog really. There is a pair of shoes I saw on the first page of the catalog and they cost 550 credits.

Okay, now I said they took this on to another level, now I’ll explain that part. You can also be a ‘developer’ and create ‘catalog’ items. When you do, you get a number of credits (like a royalty) each time someone buys your catalog item. Then…

Those credits can be used to purchase other products, for personal advertising or sold to credit resellers for real world money. Developing for IMVU can be a cash cow for talented and driven IMVU users.

Well, in the long run I imagine it could save a few talented starving artists of the world if that really does make them money. Overall, something to watch and see what happens with IMVU.


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  1. I have been a user of IMVU since 2006. IMVU is a PREDATOR heaven, yes parents, be rest assured that when you send your darling son or daughter into the IMVU world that they can be molested and thanks to IMVU’s NEW spiffy TOS policy..when they call to complain about there molester IMVU willl thank your son or daughter or veen you, by disabling your account! SEE IMVU firmly believes it is the VICTIMS fault for getting harrassed and raped! Why do you think they say that?? WELL it was what she was wearing of course!! OR we can try one of the ever more popular cliches like… She was asking for it! or how about, if she’s old enough to pee, she’s old emnough for me! That’s right, the next time your undrage child goes onto IMVU, every minute they spent may be one minute closer to harrassment!

    For adults, and vicitms of abuse, this is NOT funny, but this is the WAY imvu does there work now, several of my friends have been stalked and harrassed, and imvu thanked them for notifying them by disabling their account.


  2. IMVU: If you sign up do not be duped into buying the access pass IT ISN’T WORTH spit let alone the $20 they charge you for it DO NOT be tempted to buy the VIP pass either its a disappointment to many and only serves to relieve you of your cash! and many have reported problems canceling whereby the money is still withdrawn from their banks even after cancellation!

    And do not dream of being allowed to post the truth in the forums Because the vast majority of moderators there are in cliques and gangs and bully warn ban delete as they see fit YOU are NOT allowed to have or own a reasonable voice in the forums for this you will recieve warnings and bans
    A Moderator there told me I had broken a forum rule I asked to be pointed in the direction of the rule so I could see it and learn from it.
    His incredulous response was
    “I’ts an unwritten rule but I’ll get a senior mod to add it to the rule book later!”
    SO I dared question this and I posted asking how many other “Almost Rules” there are that we don’t know about and we could fall foul of their answer was to accuse me of “Trolling” and issued me with a 90 day ban because I made the already STUPID moderator team look even more ridiculous than they already are.

    By the logic shown any number of us could be arrested for performing acts that are not yet against any law but hey we’re thinking on our feet as we go along and we’re going to arrest for breaking an Almost not quite law yet LAW.

    Customer service is second to none where NONE is the clear winner!

    The client continually crashes freezes items that you buy are Stolen from your inventory by imvu on a daily basis.But they do introduce new features all the time without of course first checking to see how the new features affect the client invariably It’s ALWAYS BADLY they always create more problems lagging crashes furniture is stuck you it follows you to new scenes You crash without knowing it and your stuck in a silent scene wondering why people are quiet
    you suffer whiteouts and blackouts and LAGGGGGG jeezzzz the lag is STUPENDOUS!!
    They wrote the software so it sucks the everloving crap out of your processor and system ram!

    you are continually bombarded with advertising even though when you paid to own your name they told you the advertising would cease and it has not!

    In short IMFU customer service sucks the client sucks the moderators that are supposed to be there to help huddle in gangs and have favorites who’m they use to come and bait you in order that they can ban you. So come to imvu and enjoy the show.
    someone coined the term in imvu
    B.O.H.I.C.A very aptly
    You have been warned !


    I have a report on my experience with IMVU. Although I may only be thirteen I would like to talk about IMVU.

    IMVU is a virtual site where anyone can chat. I’ve personally been on IMVU myself so I’ve experienced the downsides.

    First of all IMVU says it is a friendly web site but is it? It’s like a chat site where adults meat new people. There’s is nothing wrong with that but I’ve recently heard a women dating on a site. When they got back from the date she made the mistake of letting him enter her house. She got raped. I was a former member of IMVU and an avatar said I want to f#*! you. I’ll remind you I’m only thirteen, you can’t blame me if I feel abused. I pressed on the Report Abuse button but I haven’t been told what punishment the use gets! That’s called IMVU service.

    Secondly you are pretty much talking to a bunch of strangers. It’s like walking up to a random person and saying “Hi. Want to chat?” There’s always a fear that you’re actually talking to a fatty who lives in an old shak eating a pie with tomato sauce! Or an obsessed stalker at a coffee shop tapping on a laptop and talking about meeting in person!

    Last of all you have to buy credits with real money. What’s the point? You are using your money on a bunch of pretend things! They also have this weird system of a refund! A friend of mine never received a reply because she wanted a refund and well no more money. They’ve also said you can start your own business, first of all you have to buy your own name. How ridiculous is that? The people who complain to IMVU end up getting their account deleted and getting no refund! The people who are currently using the site are just wasting away in front of their computers.

    My advice is GET A LIFE! There are so many people in the world who are in poverty and have no food, no water and no shelter. How can people be so selfish and only complain about things they don’t have that are not essential to life. Most poor children end up being rich and famous and helping people who were like them. Don’t get old and regret not making a difference or helping anyone. This is my wake up call you either hang up or listen.


  4. well- yes, IMVU does have its quirks but there are websites that have great deals on credits or FREE credits- IMVU does also have a problem with the fact that sometimes when your making a avia ((3D character)) it tends to be “busy” or “unable to go farther” all you have to do is refresh the page or go through google && do it that way. i have friends who are on there ((189 to be frank)) && i have my own group ((which i think is soooo helpful meeting others who have the same interests just like you)) && i have met a lot of different people through my && other groups. Yes its a drag to have to pay for credits through Pay-Pal or regular Credit cards- but heres something- yes, “kids” tend to use their parents credit cards- but IMVU sends an email to varify through your/their parents email && if your;/ their parents didnt know- the “kids” accounts get disabled && or deleted.
    Trust is an issue ((&& yes- i agree that playhouse disney isnt like it was when i was a kid-)) but hey! i think that everyone knows how to use their brain && how NOT to give out info into you/their personal information ((i.e Name, address, email, phone number, creditcard number, passwords, etc)) i mean comeon!! IMVU ((like all chat sites)) have pervs- but the beauty of it is that you can report the pervs && block them. if they try again- they might invite you, so all you have to do is click No on the invite && give a reason ((if you even NEED a reason))
    IMVU is a dress-up/chat site- you can set your profile to PRIVET if you feel like you cant trust anyone- you can invite only your REAL LIFE friends && only chat with them, but i have learned from my parents ((who trust me not to be stupid)) to trust the little voice in the back of my head ((or my gut feeling)) that if something is getting a little to personal or touchy that i will trust myself to block the person who is doing things or report them- as for the updates && it being slow- yes the program does get sluggish && it might freeze up- but i have noticed that some of the programs in my computer ((i.e windows music player usually)) make things slower- i have talked to 10 people at once && it was S L O W!!! i havent done THAT since. but if you just talk to people- you will recieve credits- or if you really good at making avatar pictures- sell them on your sites for a REASONABLE price- make a little buisness out of it. you can also ask for donations if your REALLY desperate- over all- i MIGHT be a developer- but i cant make ANYTHING that i think would sell- not for the TOS being broken but because i dont like what i made ((its crap usually!! ^_^)) but like i said- over all, IMVU is ((i think)) the start of a new chat program && dress up game!

    to go on with this even more or if you have any questions please feel free to email me- in the subject tho- make sure that you put in IMVU HELP or IMVU disscussion. thanks!!


  5. I been on IMVU for about a year now. I have over 20 rooms and over 50 or more clothes and songs. I have a public room named (Candy’s French Quarters Exotic Club)… I also got married on there. Had a real nice wedding….Have twin girls. We also have a ranch. park, beaches. Hummer and sports cars. My husband is in the Harley club and we have nice bikes we ride on the country roads. We also have mansions and over a 8 homes…Tons of buddies that come and hang out and dance.. I got all the lastes dance moves. We have so much fun on there. You will get addicted to IMVU and went you are bored go and chat and have fun at your home spot or go visit the public rooms and meet new friends. I am an Access Pass Client, so you do have be of age (18) to visit me. Come to the club and have fun, even if I am not there…you can play music or watch a video, or shot a game of pool.. it all there. Thanks for reading my message and have fun on IMVU…Candy

  6. I have recently checked out this IMVU messenger and honestly I am not too impressed with it. A friend of mine introduced me to it and yes I as well cant get it to work either when I scroll around I cant even see these supposed people in the room or even my own avatar. Like all chat rooms you are taking a risk and yes you can get sucked in and become a computer junkie who only lives to chat with random strangers. So honestly I dont think it is a great form of messenger I think the basic instant messaging services put this to shame.

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