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Common Web Design Mistakes

Nicole Hernandez on July 4th, 2013

With all of the resources that can be found online, some Lehigh Valley businesses feel confident in designing their own websites. But many businesses make a number of common mistakes when it comes to web design in the Lehigh Valley. This is why it is often in a business’ best interests to hire a web design agency to do their Lehigh Valley web design.

If a visitor to your website does not understand what your website is about within just seconds, you have made a mistake in your Lehigh Valley web design. A web design agency can work with you to make sure your Lehigh Valley web design communicates what your business is about and, more importantly, why someone should use your products or services.

This goes hand in hand with content. With web design in the Lehigh Valley, you must make sure that you include all important information that a potential customer may be searching for, such as contact information and business hours. A web design agency will work with you to make sure that you are providing everything that a visitor will be looking for, and nothing excess.

When creating their web design in the Lehigh Valley, businesses may lose sight of who their target audience is. This is important to keep in mind with all marketing efforts, not only with Lehigh Valley web design. If your target audience is older, you may consider using a larger font. If your business has products or services for a younger audience, you may want to make sure your website is viewable on smartphones, among other devices. These are all considerations a web design agency will consider when doing your Lehigh Valley web design.

One mistake that businesses will make aesthetically when designing their own website is choosing the wrong fonts. The font used on your website should be easily read: not too small, not with too many curls and loops. You can get help from a web design agency to choose fonts for your Lehigh Valley web design that are consistent with your brand.

Additionally, a web design agency will normally suggest that a business avoid long website pages with a lot of text. When designing your website, a web design agency can break information up with headings or move information about different topics to separate pages.

Lastly, there are often many technical considerations that may be beyond a business owner’s understanding if they do not have extensive Internet marketing experience. A web design agency can not only be of use for your web design in the Lehigh Valley but also for additional marketing work. They can also help with driving traffic to your well-designed website, through tactics such as search engine optimization, or SEO in the Lehigh Valley.

Your website is often a customers’ first experience with your brand. Avoid making these common mistakes with Lehigh Valley web design by hiring a web design agency. First impressions are everything!

This was a guest post by Matt McKernan.

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